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Why use ableworks.ca for your hiring needs?

Save money & time
All services at ableworks.ca are FREE. Post your job quickly and easily or call us directly. You have access to 18 local recruiting agencies working on your behalf to pre-screen and submit only qualified candidates to you.

Hire better as a result of our pre-screening process; we know our job seekers on a 1:1 basis and we make sure we get the right fit.

On-the-job training
You are not alone in the process and we don’t walk away once the candidate has been hired; we are here to help, provide on-the-job training and support and answer all of your questions and concerns. We make sure our candidates can do the job to your satisfaction.

Unpaid work trials
Take advantage of unpaid work trials to ensure a good fit between you and the candidate before you make a hiring decision.

Training Incentives
We can help you find and access training incentives; we’ll even help fill out the paperwork!

Hire employees you can count on
It’s hard to find good employees who will help your company grow and stick around for the long term. But 81% of employers who hired workers with a disability reported successful long term employment.

It makes business sense
Approximately 15% of Ontario's population has disabilities; you can tap into this largely ignored market of brand-loyal consumers by ensuring a diverse workforce in your company.

Work with staffing professionals with more than 20 years collective experience
We have recruited for many industries including: manufacturing, tourism, retail, and hospitality. Candidates have been recruited for restaurants, factories, warehouses, offices, hotels, casinos, retail stores, and so much more. Some of the positions we have recruited for include:

Skilled Trades / Labour:
Hairstylist; Construction Foreman; Landscaper; Cook/Chef; Stocker; Dishwasher; Fast Food Crewmember; Construction Labourer; Custodian; Shipper/Receiver; Courier Driver; Clerk; Cashier

Professional Positions:
Income Tax Agent; Counsellor; Bank Teller; Customer Service Representative; Administrative Assistant; Marketing; Sales; Insurance Agent; Music Instructor; Early Childhood Educator

And many more!